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Bike PHL Facts: Our Report on the State of Bicycling in Philadelphia

This week we are proud to release our newest report on the state of bicycling in Philadelphia. Bike PHL Facts is the first of two tandem (ha!) reports we will issue this fall based on the bicycle counts we conduct annually in September and October. The first half of the report, Bike PHL Facts, crunches and […]

New Sharrows and Green Paint Appearing in Philly

While paint is less valuable in keeping streets safe than physical barriers, it does play a big role in how Philadelphia manages traffic. You may have seen new sharrows and green paint popping up around town this summer; there is more paint to come. The Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities has been blogging about these […]

Complications Hindering 22nd Street Bike Lane Extension

A few weeks ago, 22nd Street between Spring Garden Street and Fairmount Avenue was milled and prepared for resurfacing. The City’s 2012 Pedestrian/Bicycle Plan calls for a bike lane for this stretch of 22nd Street, and the Streets Department is prepared to install the bike lane. But things have gotten complicated. For these five blocks […]

Bicycles are Business: What Research Says About Bicycling’s Economic Benefits

Ed. note: Our Bicycles Are Business series examines local businesses that have decided bicycles, or people arriving on bicycles, make good business sense. Today we take a break from the profiles to provide an overview of the growing body of research examining the economic benefits that bicycles and bicycle infrastructure confer.  If bicycles are integral to […]

Update on New Pavement Marking Plan for Washington Ave

Anyone who bicycles on Washington Avenue knows that it can be a dicey experience reminiscent of a B action movie. Worn-away striping and unenforced parking regulations make it unpleasant and unpredictable. It’s not just bicyclists for whom the street isn’t working: the City of Philadelphia reports 915 crashes have occurred on the street over a 3 year period. […]

Red Light Camera Revenues Paying for Philly Bike Lane Improvements

You may have seen some new green paint in Philadelphia bike lanes. You can thank red light cameras for some of that paint. The City of Philadelphia is using Automated Red Light Enforcement funds (ARLE) to stripe new bike lanes and improve existing bike lanes at intersections. Known as the Bicycle Encourage and Enhancement Project, the bulk […]

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