Traffic Victims PHL

Too many people die in vehicular crashes in Philadelphia.

Last year, 133 people died in vehicular crashes, including 8 bicyclists (the highest number in 24 years)

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Karon Underwood - traffic victim in Philadelphia

Karon Underwood

Hit and Run victim Karon, a 36-year old father of five, was struck and killed by a driver traveling southbound on Broad Street as the victim was crossing midblock.

Traffic Victim Nadir dies on Kelly Drive

Nadir Nafis Holloman

Nadir, an 18-year old cyclist of West Philadelphia, lost his life when he was struck by a motorist while riding his bicycle on Kelly Drive.
Traffic Victim Samuel Ozar

Samuel Forest Ozer

17-year-old cyclist Samuel was tragically killed at the intersection of Barnes & Henry Avenues in the Wissahickon section of Philadelphia as he was returning from his summer job as a bike mechanic.

Traffic Victim Anthony O'Connor

Anthony O'Connor

Anthony, a 30-year old man of Jamison, PA, died after his SUV was struck by an impaired driver who was driving nearly 100 mph and his girlfriend was injured and her 5-mo unborn child died.

Tiffany Reed - traffic victim in Philadelphia

Tiffany Reed

Tiffany, a 29-year-old manager at a local restaurant, was walking home from work when she was struck and killed by a driver traveling at a high speed.

Traffic Victim James Trinacria

James J. Trinacria

James, a 57-year old man and Philadelphia Mummer, was hit and killed by a driver in Northeast Philadelphia. He leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

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