Traffic Victims PHL

Too many people die in vehicular crashes in Philadelphia.

Last year, 123 people died in vehicular crashes, including 10 bicyclists (the highest number of cyclist deaths ever recorded in Philadelphia).

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Karon Underwood - traffic victim in Philadelphia

Karon Underwood

Hit and Run victim Karon, a 36-year old father of five, was struck and killed by a driver traveling southbound on Broad Street as the victim was crossing midblock.

Traffic Victim Nadir dies on Kelly Drive

Nadir Nafis Holloman

Nadir, an 18-year old cyclist of West Philadelphia, lost his life when he was struck by a motorist while riding his bicycle on Kelly Drive.
Traffic Victim Samuel Ozar

Samuel Forest Ozer

17-year-old cyclist Samuel was tragically killed at the intersection of Barnes & Henry Avenues in the Wissahickon section of Philadelphia as he was returning from his summer job as a bike mechanic.

Traffic Victim Anthony O'Connor

Anthony O'Connor

Anthony, a 30-year old man of Jamison, PA, died after his SUV was struck by an impaired driver who was driving nearly 100 mph and his girlfriend was injured and her 5-mo unborn child died.

Tiffany Reed - traffic victim in Philadelphia

Tiffany Reed

Tiffany, a 29-year-old manager at a local restaurant, was walking home from work when she was struck and killed by a driver traveling at a high speed.

Traffic Victim James Trinacria

James J. Trinacria

James, a 57-year old man and Philadelphia Mummer, was hit and killed by a driver in Northeast Philadelphia. He leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

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