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Join the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to promote a safe and fun way to get around in your area.

By supporting the Bicycle Coalition, you join us as a force for change, increasing the safety, wellness, and sustainability of our region.

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By joining the Coalition today, you are making our community a better, safer place for everyone.

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Action Center

Move the Circuit Forward

Connecting our region with a 800+ mile network of bicycle and pedestrian trails would bring enormous benefits for our health, economy, property values and sense of community and livability. If you live in one of the nine counties of Greater Philadelphia and want to see more miles of Circuit Trails added, send an email to your County Commissioner now!

Sign the Circuit Petition

Sign the Circuit Petition

If you believe that bicycling and walking trails are important and deserve funding, sign our petition.

Support Safe Streets

The Pennsylvania Legislature is considering two pieces of legislation that would make roads in Philadelphia and elsewhere safe from reckless drivers. You can help!

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