Folx n Spokes PHL

Creating a more inclusive local cycling scene in Greater Philadelphia

Folx n Spokes PHL is an initiative to create a more inclusive local cycling scene in Greater Philadelphia.

Our community welcomes and celebrates the participation of all those who are currently underrepresented in mainstream cycling culture, from product development and marketing to advocacy efforts. This includes but is not limited to:

  • People of color, especially Black folx in a majority-Black city
  • Women, trans, and/or non-binary people
  • People with disabilities and chronic illnesses
  • Immigrants
  • Fat and non-“straight sized” people
  • LGBTQIA people

We are collectively working to break down the barriers to participation and inclusion of underrepresented groups. We advocate for the inclusion of cyclists of color, women, trans, and nonbinary cyclists, disabled cyclists, immigrant cyclists, LGBTQIA cyclists, and cyclists of diverse sizes in product development, marketing, race promotion, advocacy, and street design. Together we are working to build a culture that denounces racism, harassment, sexism, ableism, and sizeism.

The 51% Bike Project

The 51% Bike Project is a sub-initiative of Folx n Spokes PHL focused on more gender diversity in the local cycling community. Women, trans, and nonbinary folx make up over half the population. It’s time we are represented in cycling. We are 100% committed to getting at least 51% representation.

The 51% Bike Project community is only open to cyclists, both experienced and prospective, who are women, trans, and/or nonbinary. We welcome allies to advocate for gender diversity in the cycling community.

Cisgender men overwhelmingly make up the majority of the cycling population, with only a third constituted by other genders. Possible explanations for this gender disparity include:

  • Higher risk-aversion
  • Bikes and gear primarily designed for cisgender men’s bodies
  • Unwelcoming bike shops and clubs
  • Street harassment
  • Parenting and errand-running logistics
  • Cost of bicycles and cycling gear as a barrier to entry, as cisgender men earn on average more than all other demographics.

Our community works to provide a welcoming space to address these concerns, provide encouragement, and advocate for an end to systemic barriers to participation and representation.

Get Involved

The hub of Folx N Spokes is the vibrant Facebook group.

Folx N Spokes holds rides, classes, and social events throughout the year, which are complemented by a robust calendar of community-led rides and events. To stay in the loop about upcoming rides and events, please join the Facebook group and follow Folx N Spokes on Instagram.

Local Ride Groups and Race Teams

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