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Our Learn to Ride classes are for anyone 18 and older who want to learn how to ride a bike. They run monthly from April to October. Classes have seen a mix of high school students, graduate students, retirees, working professionals. Some people have had some experience riding a bike as a child, others have never been on a bike. 

Whatever your experience or age this class is a positive and encouraging setting to start building your bike riding skills.

In 2024 Learn-to-Ride classes dates will be offered on the following dates from 9 to 11am:

Saturday, May 18 (Register online)
Saturday, June 1 (Register online)
Saturday, July 6 (Register online)
Saturday, August 3 (Register online)
Saturday, September 7 (Register online)

Registration for each class opens three weeks in advance.


What is the instructor to student ratio?

To make sure that students receive individual attention and support we have 4 to 6 volunteer instructors per class.

What is the structure of the class? What can I expect?

When you arrive at the gym with your bike (rental or your own) the instructors will show you where the brakes are, make any necessary adjustments (raise or lower the seat, for example), and will help you make sure your helmet is properly fitted.

The pedals will be taken off the bike and you’ll start practicing your balance. Seated on the bike, you’ll walk and then glide around the gym. As you get comfortable balancing you’ll put together longer glides and, when you’re ready, the pedals will be put back on your bike. Once the pedals are on and you’re feeling confident you’ll move to the Azalea Garden to practice on longer stretches of side paths and trails.

Can I bring my own bike? What if I don’t own a bike?

You’re welcome to bring a bike in good condition to the class. Our instructors can help with small adjustments to the seat and tires but cannot do other maintenance or repair work.

If you don’t have a bike, no worries! You can rent a bike from Wheel Fun, next to Lloyd Hall for an additional cost. See Wheel Fun’s website for pricing.

How long does it take to learn? Will I need more than one class?

Our instructors estimate that 80-90% of students are able to ride by the end of the class. As with any new skill, you will likely need additional practice. Students are welcome to return the following month for extra support. 

Instructors may also be available for private lessons at an additional cost.


Planning to ride Indego? Our Better Bike Share Partnership program also offers Learn to Ride and Urban Riding Basics classes for people who prefer to use the bike share system.


Our rides vary year-to-year depending on our program goals and our community partners. You’ll find our signature rides like Holiday Lights Ride on our calendar along with others.

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“I was so excited that I finally learned how to ride my bike again. I guess all I really needed was some confidence and a little bit of practice. I appreciate how supportive everyone was, it really helped to make me feel comfortable.”


What our graduates say about our class:

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