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New Enforcement of Bus/Bike Only Lanes on Chestnut, Market Streets

If you ride a bus or a bike on Chestnut or Market Streets in Center City, you probably know, all too well, that the painted “Bus/Bike Only” designations on the street may as well be translucent. And in some cases, they are! Either way, no one respects the lanes as they’re marked. The rules are […]

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Flex Posts Separating Bike Lane Installed in Front of Marriott Hotel

After more than a month of negotiations and re-scheduled court hearings, flex-posts were installed at 13th and Spruce Street Streets today, to better the bike lane in front of the new Fairfield Marriott Hotel. The issue began this past spring after the hotel re-opened, ending years of construction and a closed bike lane along 13th. […]

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US Census: Biking to Work gets a Bump in Philly

Last week the Census Bureau released the 2017 American Community Survey (ACS),showing a bump to 2.6 percent mode share in Philadelphia. The latest ACS release showed that the number of Philadelphia bicycle commuters increased 19.3 percent from 14,397 in 2016 to 17,180 in 2017. That number represents 2.6 percent of all workers who live in the […]

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Emily Fredericks’ Family Wins Settlement: Donates $25,000 to BCGP

The family of Emily Fredricks, who was killed by a Gold Medal trash truck while bicycling on the Spruce Street bike lane on November 28, 2017,  made an important announcement that they had reached a settlement of $6 Million with the owners of the Gold Medal company. According to this afternoon’s article, the company also […]

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UPDATED: Cyclist Hit in North Philly—and We Need Your Help Finding the Hit-and-Run Driver

  A 9-year-old girl was riding her bicycle on Monday night in North Philadelphia when she was struck by the driver of a Cadillac SRX Crossover. Police are still looking for the driver. We all need your help in finding the person responsible for this crime. Here is a photo of what the vehicle may […]

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What the ‘Car Counts’ Have Told Us, So Far

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia held a series of ‘car counts’ last month, to start the data gathering practice pertaining to Spruce and Pine Streets through Center City. As many know, Spruce and Pine Streets are not safe enough and there is a plan to switch the bike lanes from the right to the […]

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Philly Naked Bike Ride is Saturday

I’ve got a pretty fond memory of riding down Market Street in just my underwear and sneakers, seeing a newly-minted married couple walk off Dilworth Park and pose for photos with a background of scantily-clad and naked people on bicycles. I raised my fist to the couple as I rode by, and that moment (and […]

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Time to Report Those Abandoned Bikes

  Each fall, we ask our members and supporters to report abandoned bikes that have been left to die on bike racks and posts around the city. Abandoned bikes are forms of blight in the city, and the more of us who report them, the cleaner the city. Here’s how it’s done (from a spring […]

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Northwest Philly and Lower Merion Circuit Trails Open House in September

Have you been wondering about the status of various trail and Schuylkill River or Canal-related projects that are in progress or being planned on the Circuit in NW Philly and Lower Merion Township?  Come learn about the Circuit Trail projects that are being managed by thirteen different agencies and non-profit organizations.

Help Find the Rittenhouse Indego Station a New Home

The Indego bike share station at 19th and Walnut Streets near Rittenhouse Square is one of the most-used bike share stations in the city. The lot the station backs up to is being developed, and the station is set to be moved. Weirdly, though, officials and neighborhood residents can’t agree on a spot near 19th […]

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