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Bike,Train, and Boat Around The Delaware Bay

If you’ve ever found yourself saying “I wish I could bike around the Delaware Bay, but I just don’t know how,” we’ve solved this problem. This summer you can do it using New Jersey Transit, your bicycle, the Cape May – Lewes Ferry, your bicycle again, maybe a DART Bus or two, and SEPTA. Talk about multi-modal […]

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Circuit Resolution Adopted in Delaware County

On Wednesday, July 11, Delaware County became the 5th in our region to adopt a resolution in support of completing 500 miles of The Circuit Trails by 2025. DelCo joins Montgomery, Chester, Bucks and Camden Counties in adopting the resolution! Coming soon: Philadelphia County. Then, we turn our attention to New Jersey, where we look […]

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Explore The Circuit Goes To Washington Crossing

This month’s Explore the Circuit route will follow the Delaware & Raritan Canal from West Trenton, NJ, to historic Washington Crossing, PA. While we don’t have any plans to re-enact General Washington’s famous fjording of the Delaware River, we might still try to skip a few pebbles across the state line while we’re there. The […]

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‘Hub and Spoke’ Update: On Our Way

In March 2017, we told you about Hub and Spoke, our vision of a high quality bicycle network for Philadelphia, allowing for easy access to Greater Center City via North, South, and West Philadelphia.  The concept is that Philadelphia needs a high quality connected network to grow its bicycle culture and dramatically increase the number of bicycle trips. This […]

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A Suburban (Tweet)storm Is Coming

  For all of the throngs out there clamoring for a suburban Bicycle Coalition Twitter presence, your long wait is at last over. We’ve just started @BCGPsuburbs, our Twitter account that will be dedicated to Circuit Trails and suburban bike lanes and walkability in our 9-county region. Click here to follow us and get in […]

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Think Far Flung Suburbs Can’t Be Bikeable?

When you think of Philadelphia’s distant exurbs, you may think of the rolling countryside, of farmland being devoured by McMansions, of extreme commutes, of needing a car for the most basic trips, and so forth. But you probably don’t think of bike/ped connectivity. Lower Salford Township in Central Montgomery County has flipped that script. A […]

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Leonard’s Dreamy MontCo Bike Day

I have my tough days at work, and then there are the times where I find myself thinking “I really get paid for this?” Wednesday June 20 2018 shall go down in history as one of the latter days, as three bike events in Montgomery County all fell into place on the same day. I […]

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Unique Funding Opportunity for Bicycle-Pedestrian and Trail Projects in PA

As a result of ACT 89 (the 2013 law that raised the gas tax in Pennsylvania), there are two statewide “multimodal funds” (MTF) that are available to municipalities, councils of government, businesses, economic development organizations, public transportation agencies, and ports-rail/freight to apply for grants. These funds are supposed to support all types (multi-modal) of transportation […]

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Come Explore the Lawrence Hopewell Trail With Us

On Saturday at 1PM, we will be hosting our monthly Explore the Circuit Ride on the Lawrence Hopewell Trail and the D&R Canal Towpath in Mercer County NJ. We start on the D&R Canal Towpath, part of the East Coast Greenway near the Princeton REI. They will have a tent at our start point with […]

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Support the Cresheim Trail in Springfield on June 21

There will be a public meeting about the future of the Cresheim Trail in Montgomery County at the Springfield Township Administration Building on Thursday, June 21st. The Cresheim Trail is a multi-use trail that begins in Philadelphia and is currently under expansion. Once complete, the Cresheim Trail will be part of the 750-mile network of […]

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