Recently, the Shapiro Administration awarded projects through the Surface Transportation Block Grant program Set-Aside, also known as the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside (TA Set-Aside), that will bring improvements to the accessibility of biking and walking paths and amenities, pedestrian access to public transportation, community improvement activities, environmental mitigation projects, and trails. Additionally, awards include safe routes to school projects designed to create and improve alternative access to schools via new crosswalks, sidewalks and walking paths. Below are the list of projects in Southeast Pennsylvania that will bring bicycle safety improvements and further develop the regional Circuit Trails network.


Bucks County:

  • Doylestown Township – $700,000 to close a gap between two existing trails, create a safe walking and bicycling connection into Doylestown’s central business district, and enhance connections to Central Park. The proposed trail is approximately 0.4 miles long and will be located on the west side of Easton Road. The project includes a new structure mounted barrier on the Easton Road bridge over SR 202 Bypass to create a safe space on the bridge for walkers and bicyclists. The project also includes a road diet and reconfiguration to create space for a 5′-8′ landscape buffer and 10′ wide shared use path within the paved shoulder area on the west side of the roadway.
  • TMA Bucks – $102,029 to further traffic safety education in grades K-8 with a core focus on elementary aged children. It will offer schools the option to host fully customizable assemblies and events for their students at no charge to them. These will present transportation safety related topics, primarily focused on bicycles, using props and guest speakers to give a more relatable and educational experience for the students.

Montgomery County:

  • Greater Valley Forge Transportation – $399,700 for the “My School in Motion” education program. This is a year-round interactive program that teaches students pedestrian and bike safety laws, provides opportunities to practice them and to participate in finding solutions to make their school more walkable and bikeable long-term. ​

​The program includes parent and teacher engagement, marketing, online resource information, onsite school events and a walkability/bikeability audit program for students.  The program will be implemented, simultaneously, at all three of LMSD middle schools: Bala Cynwyd, Black Rock and Welsh Valley and at two NASD middles and two elementary schools within 2024/2025 – 2025/2026 Academic Years​.

Philadelphia County:

  • $1,000,000 to add traffic signals and marked crosswalks at Woodlands Driveway and Chester Ave.  It will also construct a sidewalk-level two-way cycletrack on the south side of Woodland Avenue, and reconstruct broken, uneven sidewalks along both sides of Woodland Ave. This project closes 41st street between Chester and Woodland to create a pedestrian plaza. Finally, the project will incorporate a dedicated bus layover space and transit priority design to improve SEPTA operations.
  • $1,500,000 to connect Cobbs Creek Trail B2 from Island Avenue to the Eastwick Recreation Center at 80th Street going along the Creek. Design for this project is underway.
  • $1,500,000 to create safety improvements along Torresdale Avenue between Adams Avenue and Worrell Street, such as upgrading the Worrell Street intersection and including physical separation to the bicycle lane. These improvements upgrade the connection to the existing sidepath that connects this corridor to the East Coast Greenway. This project will extend the reach of physical traffic separated protection into a community of high equity concern.
  • $1,255,500 to reconstruct the asphalt trail on the west side of Belmont Avenue between Montgomery Drive and Edgely Drive. This will create a safe, attractive connection for people walking and people riding bikes in and through Fairmount Park West. The reconstructed, upgraded trail will provide access to numerous cultural, historical, community, and recreational attractions and amenities for residents and visitors.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is a founding member of the Circuit Trails Coalition and leads the movement to make every bicycle ride safe, to empower youth and adults to ride, and to foster a ridership that reflects the diversity of the region. Join or renew to continue that advocacy and education work throughout the region. More info here.

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