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Bike,Train, and Boat Around The Delaware Bay

If you’ve ever found yourself saying “I wish I could bike around the Delaware Bay, but I just don’t know how,” we’ve solved this problem. This summer you can do it using New Jersey Transit, your bicycle, the Cape May – Lewes Ferry, your bicycle again, maybe a DART Bus or two, and SEPTA. Talk about multi-modal […]

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Circuit Resolution Adopted in Delaware County

On Wednesday, July 11, Delaware County became the 5th in our region to adopt a resolution in support of completing 500 miles of The Circuit Trails by 2025. DelCo joins Montgomery, Chester, Bucks and Camden Counties in adopting the resolution! Coming soon: Philadelphia County. Then, we turn our attention to New Jersey, where we look […]

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Bike to Bastille Day: Here’s Your Route

If you’ve never been to Bastille Day in Philly, now’s your final chance! The famed and long running Bastille Day celebrations at the Eastern State Penitentiary are coming to an end after 24 years. The celebration, based off the French Revolution, will take place Saturday, July 14. You may have already heard of the free […]

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22nd Street Demonstrations Were Heard — Now Sign the Petition

Demonstrators showed up early Tuesday morning to mount their frustrations at the City of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Police, the Philadelphia Parking Authority, and Wawa, for allowing the 22nd Street bike lane to become a decrepit mess, and becoming a glorified parking lot for delivery drivers and convenience store customers. We participated in, and covered, the protest, […]

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Check out These New #VisionZero Trash Trucks

Members of the Philadelphia Office of Transportation and Utilities were out on JFK Boulevard on Tuesday, showing off new garbage trucks that have added Vision Zero protections, including night vision cameras on each side of the truck, side guards, and side mirrors. 1,933 total views, 6 views today

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Report From Today’s Human-Protected Bike Lane

There were already multiple vehicles parked in the 22nd Street bike lane when protesters showed up just before 8am on Tuesday morning. It was a sort of fitting, if maddening, example of why a group had begun forming in front of a new Wawa on the corner. The point of Tuesday’s demonstration—a human protected bike lane […]

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Explore The Circuit Goes To Washington Crossing

This month’s Explore the Circuit route will follow the Delaware & Raritan Canal from West Trenton, NJ, to historic Washington Crossing, PA. While we don’t have any plans to re-enact General Washington’s famous fjording of the Delaware River, we might still try to skip a few pebbles across the state line while we’re there. The […]

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Majority of Bike Lane Parking Tickets on Spruce and Pine Streets

Philadelphia handed out 2,116 parking tickets for motor vehicles illegally parked in bike lanes during the first five months of 2018, according to statistics provided by the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Amazingly – but not surprisingly – the majority of tickets handed out by the PPA and Philadelphia Police Department are on Spruce and Pine Streets […]

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Did You Witness This Crash in Manayunk Last Friday?

Ag Manta and his brother, Vin, were riding their bicycles on Main Street, Manayunk, early Saturday morning, June 30th when, as Ag recounts it, he was intentionally hit from behind by the driver of a gray Toyota Scion. The crash happened at 1:30am at the corner of Main Street and Ridge Avenue. The driver and […]

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How to Ease Congestion in Philadelphia: Our Recommendations

The Center City District’s (CCD) recent report, “Keep Philadelphia Moving,” issued in March 2018 outlines many of the mobility challenges facing Center City. We concur with many of the recommendations in the report, including the need to collect more data by installing the necessary equipment necessary to monitor traffic continually. In addition to the CCD […]

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