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Leonard’s Dreamy MontCo Bike Day

I have my tough days at work, and then there are the times where I find myself thinking “I really get paid for this?” Wednesday June 20 2018 shall go down in history as one of the latter days, as three bike events in Montgomery County all fell into place on the same day. I […]

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Bike Camden County Kicks off 2018 in (boozy) Style

On Friday March 23rd, BCGP affiliate group Bike Camden County held its first Supporter Social of the year at Cooper River Distillers in downtown Camden. It was definitely one of our coolest event venues, with barrels holding aging bourbon stacked against one wall, the ancient (yet functional) copper still in another corner, and the NJT RiverLINE […]

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Leonard’s Entirely Unscientific Ratings of Dockless Bikeshare Companies

While at the National Bike Summit, I had the opportunity to ride dockless bikeshare bikes from five different companies that are currently operating a pilot in Washington, DC: Mobike, Limebike, ofo, Spin, and Jump. I also took a few rides in DC’s traditional docked Capital Bikeshare as a source of reference. Here are my “findings”:  […]

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BCGP Drinks the NPR Kool-Aid

This year I’ve been lucky enough to attend the National Bike Summit for the first time, which gave me the chance to get a tourists’ view of my hometown of DC, and do stuff like take a bike tour to NPR. When I signed up for this, I thought it was just a tour of […]

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Q&A: Exit interview with Kiera Smalls of Bike Transit

By Stefani Cox Kiera Smalls may be headed in a new career direction, but she’s not forgetting about bike share. Kiera has been with Bicycle Transit Systems, bike share operator for Philadelphia’s Indego and other systems, for 3 years. Along the way, she’s spearheaded marketing and engagement efforts and inclusionary practices in the workplace. In our exit interview with […]

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Dockless Bike Share Study Coming To Camden

Coopers Ferry Partnership and the City of Camden have kicked off their work to perform a bike share feasibility study for the City of Camden. The study is being conducted by the Voorhees Transportation Center (VTC) at Rutgers in partnership with ofo dockless bike share and was funded through a grant from the William Penn Foundation. It’s goal: […]

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Q&A: Stephanie Ridgeway brings fresh perspectives to Philly’s bike share outreach

By Stefani Cox Stephanie Ridgeway may be new to working at the City of Philadelphia, but she’s certainly not new to bike share or community engagement. Stephanie recently started as the Indego Community Coordinator for the City’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems. A former Indego ambassador herself, Stephanie has lots of ideas for reaching […]

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Bicycle Coalition and Philadelphia 3.0 Talk Bringing Vision Zero to Hyper-Local Politics

On Tuesday, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and Philadelphia 3.0 co-hosted a meeting at Project H.O.M.E. to discuss the history of “bike politics” in Philadelphia and what private citizens can do in their communities to make changes. The event was free and open to the public. About 20 people came to listen to Sarah […]

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Dockless Bike Share: Questions, Concerns, Hopes

Philadelphia is considering complementing and expanding its current bike sharing system with dockless bike sharing. Like Indego bike share, dockless bike share is a pay-per-ride system, except users don’t have to lock their bike up at a set station, which has the potential for opening up new possibilities for how, and where, Philadelphians can use […]

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Philly museum draws new crowd through Indego bike share

By: Stefani Cox Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the Better Bike Share blog. Bike share has been around for awhile now, but that doesn’t mean the time for new partnerships is over. In Philadelphia, the Barnes Foundation is teaming up with Indego to reach out to a whole new audience. 3,545 total views, no views […]

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