S. 11th St Bike Lane

The South 11th St Bike Lane is a two way parking protected bike lane in South Philadelphia.

Last year, the City of Philadelphia added 2.8 miles of bike lanes, upgraded facilities on 7.5 miles of streets (e.g. sharrows to bike lanes, or standard bike lanes to buffered) and restriped more than 15 miles of existing bike facilities. This includes nearly two miles of protected bike lanes most notably South 11th St., North 13th St, South Street, 27th Street and 6th Street.

The busy bike lanes on Spruce and Pine St were moved over to the left hand side and received green paint and delineator posts. 2019 was also the year that City finally completed the green backed sharrows on 13th and 15th St.

A critical gap between Bridesburg and the Frankford Creek Trail was closed when two way bike lane was installed on the far side of Richmond Street, avoiding a dangerous interchange with the Betsy Ross Bridge.

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