Buffered bike lanes on Welsh Rd in Northeast Philadelphia

Upgraded bike lanes on Welsh Rd in Northeast Philadelphia

According to the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (oTIS), the City of Philadelphia added and improved 33 miles of on-road bike infrastructure (bike lanes and sharrows) in 2017. Included in this number are approximately 4 miles of new bike lanes and 9 miles of existing conventional bike lanes that were upgraded with a painted buffer. The City’s resurfacing program brought smooth pavement and fresh striping to 11 miles of existing bike lanes. These lanes have been added to our bike lane map.

You may have noticed or heard about improvements that have happened in 2018. The City’s paving program won’t be completed until November but the bike lane on 22nd St between the Ben Franklin Parkway and Spring Garden St was upgraded to a protected bike lane. Also, 1.5 miles buffered bike lanes were added to Lindbergh Blvd in Southwest Philadelphia. More buffered bike lane upgrades, including some with delineator posts, are expected before paving season ends later this fall.

2017 Stats (estimated):
New Bike Lanes – 4.1 miles:
Protected – 1 mile
Painted Buffered – 0.9 miles
Conventional – 2.2 miles

Upgraded Bike Lanes Resurfaced – 10.9 miles: 
Protected Bike Lane 0.1 miles*
Paint Buffered 9.2 miles
Two Way (Not Protected) 1.6 miles

Restriped Conventional Bike Lanes – 11.6 miles:
Conventional Bike Lane – 11.6 miles

*The 3300 block of Chestnut Street had a standard bike lane on the right side. This block was included in the Chestnut St protected bike lane project.

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