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NACTO 2017 Showcases Progress in Chicago

  Thanks to a generous grant from the Knight Foundation, I was able to attend the NACTO 2017 Conference in Chicago from October 30-November 2 in Chicago. NACTO or the National Association of City Transportation Officials. The City of Philadelphia is a founding member city of NACTO and was well represented by Streets Department Engineering Manager Vadim Fleysh along with Mike […]

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Vote For Better Roads and Sidewalks on OpenDataVote

OpenDataVote encourages citizens to get involved in the process of open government and cultivates government transparency through the release of data and they asking you to vote for the data that you want the City of Philadelphia to publish on OpenDataPhilly Non- Profit organizations were invited to submit data ideas. The three organizations that win […]

Thank Councilman Bobby Henon for Securing Philly’s First Protected Bike Lanes

As readers of this blog and our newsletter are well aware, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has spent the last few years advocating for physically-protected bike lanes on Philadelphia’s streets. We’ve been in talks with several city agencies and city officials about installing such safe infrastructure for Philly’s cyclists. Councilman Bobby Henon, of Philadelphia’s 6th […]

These 3 Projects Should Be Completed by the 2016 Democratic Convention

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably well aware that the Democratic National Convention is coming to Philadelphia in 2016. Already, you’ve probably read stories detailing the role former Governor Ed Rendell played in getting the convention here, what sort of food the Democrats should not eat while in town, and the places […]

So, How Did #UnblockBikeLanes Work Out?

You tweeted, we listened. In November 2013, after beginning a dialogue with the Philadelphia Parking Authority about illegal vehicle parking in city bike lanes, we suggested the PPA embark on a social media campaign to hear citizen complaints directly. In December, that campaign—on Twitter, with the hashtag #unblockbikelanes—began. The goal was for PPA to gather information […]

Councilman Greenlee Shelves 22nd St. Safety Plans

For the time being, 22nd Street will have no lane markings.  At-Large Councilman Bill Greenlee has rejected two different pavement marking plans prepared by the Streets Department that would have made 22nd Street safer for all users, including motorists. As we reported a month ago, when the Streets Department “milled” 22nd Street earlier this summer, it planned to […]

Bit by Bit Washington Ave Gets Striped

This month, the Streets Department is laying down thermoplastic markings (a.k.a. fresh coat of line paint) on parts of Washington Avenue.  As we described in a June blog post, a new striping plan (officially called the Washington Avenue Transportation and Parking Study) was developed by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission after two public meetings in late 2013 and […]

Infographic: Philly Leads Big US Cities in Bicycle Commuting

Here is the second infographic we’ve made in conjunction with our new report Bike PHL Facts. Our report, which combines our bike count data and U.S. Census Bureau data to identify Philadelphia bicycling trends, shows Philadelphia has kept is lead among big U.S. cities for bicycle commuting. We will be releasing the full report tomorrow to subscribers of our […]

Bike PHL Facts: Our Report on the State of Bicycling in Philadelphia

This week we are proud to release our newest report on the state of bicycling in Philadelphia. Bike PHL Facts is the first of two tandem (ha!) reports we will issue this fall based on the bicycle counts we conduct annually in September and October. The first half of the report, Bike PHL Facts, crunches and […]

New Sharrows and Green Paint Appearing in Philly

While paint is less valuable in keeping streets safe than physical barriers, it does play a big role in how Philadelphia manages traffic. You may have seen new sharrows and green paint popping up around town this summer; there is more paint to come. The Mayor’s Office of Transportation & Utilities has been blogging about these […]

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