Phase 1 of the Walnut St Repaving and Complete Streets Safety Project is now under construction.

In September PENNDOT started the repaving process on Walnut Street from 33rd Street to 63rd Street/Cobbs Creek Parkway. Currently the corridor is milled and the paving process will begin shortly. After paving the line stripers will reconfigure the lanes and finally the flex posts will be installed to delineate the parking-protected bike lane.

Phase 2 will extend the protected bike lane east to 22nd St protected bike lane. Phase 2 is projected to happen in 2024 in preparation for the rehabilitation of the Market St Bridge closure. The design for that section is not finalized and we are advocating for separation on the Walnut Street Bridge to minimize conflicts with motor vehicles turning onto the Schuylkill Expressway.

New signs have been placed along Walnut Street to inform residents and road users of the upcoming traffic pattern change.

Walnut St - New Parking and Loading Layout

Signage on Walnut Street Explaining the Parking and Loading Layout


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