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Earlier today, Register of Wills and longtime Cobbs Creek resident Tracy Gordon organized a press conference (link to full video here) to highlight the need for safety improvements on Cobbs Creek Parkway. The event was held at the intersection of Cobbs Creek and Catherine St., the site of the tragic and preventable death of Avante Reynolds on August 21. She spoke at length about the fact that the death of Ms. Reynolds, who was 25 years old and left behind a 2-month-old son; and described how this tragedy was not an isolated one.

The event was held the day after WHYY published an article that was highly critical of past transportation planning decisions on Cobbs Creek Parkway.

Speakers included community activist Alicia Burbage, Block Captain Dr. Deborah Roebuck, Bicycle Coalition Regional Planner Leonard Bonarek, and the grandfather of Avante Reynolds, among others.

Dr. Roebuck shared her experience with helping neighborhood children cross the dangerous road, and described another crash that involved four cars in front of her house a few days previous (photo below), which left one driver dead.

Bonarek highlighted a corridor-wide approach, noting that the Parkway has six segments of 1000 feet or more without crosswalks, and has 33 intersections with no pedestrian safety amenities. Ms. Reynolds’ grandfather said he can’t enjoy the trail anymore because it only reminds him of his loss.

a group of community members stand around the wreckage of a car, with a memorial attached to a light post at righ

Dr. Roebuck -facing camera- shows local activists the scene of the latest crash on the Parkway

The event was covered by local news media outlets, click here for 6ABC’s story.

Bicycle Coalition will continue to monitor this case, to work collaboratively with other partner organizations, and advocate for immediate safety improvements to this dangerous roadway.

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