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Check out These New #VisionZero Trash Trucks

Members of the Philadelphia Office of Transportation and Utilities were out on JFK Boulevard on Tuesday, showing off new garbage trucks that have added Vision Zero protections, including night vision cameras on each side of the truck, side guards, and side mirrors. 2,059 total views, 42 views today

2,059 total views, 42 views today

Majority of Bike Lane Parking Tickets on Spruce and Pine Streets

Philadelphia handed out 2,116 parking tickets for motor vehicles illegally parked in bike lanes during the first five months of 2018, according to statistics provided by the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Amazingly – but not surprisingly – the majority of tickets handed out by the PPA and Philadelphia Police Department are on Spruce and Pine Streets […]

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Did You Witness This Crash in Manayunk Last Friday?

Ag Manta and his brother, Vin, were riding their bicycles on Main Street, Manayunk, early Saturday morning, June 30th when, as Ag recounts it, he was intentionally hit from behind by the driver of a gray Toyota Scion. The crash happened at 1:30am at the corner of Main Street and Ridge Avenue. The driver and […]

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Roosevelt Boulevard Fatalities Way Up So Far This Year

According to data provided to the Bicycle Coalition by the Philadelphia Police, 53 people have been killed in traffic violence so far this year, 10 of whom lost their lives on Roosevelt Boulevard. The Philadelphia Police regularly provides the Bicycle Coalition with statistical updates so we can keep our page up to date. Other […]

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Obstructed 22nd Street Bike Lane a Dangerous Hazard

A new Wawa opened at 22nd and South Street earlier this spring and has made the already-deteriorating bike lane go from bad to worse for people commuting into Center City from South Philadelphia. Every day, consistently, people park their cars in front of the convenience store to run in and grab some of the many […]

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WIN: Important Intersection Safety Bill Passes Council

In a win for street safety, a bill that would allow Councilmembers to more easily order investigations of deadly intersections recently passed City Council. The bill, written by Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr., and sponsored by Jones, Johnson, and O’Neill, would allow the Councilperson who represents the district where a deadly crash occurs to request an […]

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At Julian Angelucci Memorial, a Call to End the ‘South Philly Slide’

Eleven-year-old Julian Angelucci was killed by a hit-and-run driver earlier this month, and at a candlelight vigil honoring his life, there were constant calls for an end to the illegal driving maneuver dubbed the “South Philly Slide.” The South Philly Slide, as many know, is the act of slowing down at intersections, but not really, […]

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Vigil Set for Julian Angelucci

The Bicycle Coalition and Julian’s family and friends are hosting a vigil to honor the life of Julian Angelucci, the 11-year old victim of a hit and run crash on Friday May 18th. Julian was riding his bicycle in his South Philly neighborhood when the driver of an SUV struck him, taking his life. The […]

How Can Spring Garden Street Be Protected?

In light of the horrific tragedy that took place on Spring Garden Street this weekend, it’s worth giving an update on the street, and where the protected lanes for it stand. As many know, a plan was birthed in 2010 to create a middle-lane “Greenway” on Spring Garden Street, which would be part of the […]

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Days Before Ride of Silence, Cyclist Killed on Spring Garden

A cyclist was struck and killed by a motor vehicle driver on Saturday night on Spring Garden near 10th Streets. According to media reports, police showed up at the scene at 7:45pm and the cyclist, a 34-year-old man, was already dead. It appears the cyclist was hit by a motor vehicle from behind, as reports […]

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