The arrival of 2019 bicycle network data from the City of Philadelphia and the latest update to the Circuit Trails map prompted us to update our Regional Bike Map, which is accessible on our Maps page. The Regional Bike map is the most comprehensive resource of bike infrastructure in the Greater Philadelphia Region (and beyond).

Quick Guide:

  • Clicking on the >> will open the legend.
  • Physically protected bike lanes are shown as purple, bike lanes only marked with paint of any type are listed as “Standard” and are colored ultramarine blue.
  • Existing Circuit Trails are symbolized by dark green solid lines while proposed trails are dashed. Trails that are not part of the Circuit Network are shown as bright green.
  • On-street routes that are designated with navigational signs such as the 13th and 15th St bikeways are represented by gray lines. Roads marked only with sharrows are not included.

Behind the scenes for our fellow data visualization nerds: With the help of ESRI’s Non-Profit Organization Program, we were able to import more of our data into ArcGIS online. ArcGIS online also includes Story Map a map friendly presentation app that we have used to create some of our reports. As we transition from Google Maps to ArcGIS, look for more of our online maps to improve in the near future.

We welcome your input! If you have any feedback on our new map, please email John Boyle.

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