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Bicycle Coalition volunteer Gretchen Alexander speaks to a pedestrian at 15th and JFK

Tragically, the passing of transportation advocate Peter Javsicas on JFK Boulevard earlier this month has brought a previously-delayed plan for JFK and Market Streets in Center City back to the forefront.

Former PenTrans executive director Peter Javsicas was fatally struck on June 14 by a motor vehicle that drove up on the sidewalk at 16th and JFK Boulevard in Center City.

Since the crash, more have become interested in some already-proposed changes for the Boulevard and Market Streets. For instance, a Center City District-endorsed proposal would have added a parking-protected bike lane, cut down on speeding, resulting in fewer crashes and a minimal impact on the streets’ capacity. (Read about the proposal here.)

JFK Boulevard is wider than I-95 in Center City and sees more crashes each year than average Center City Streets. Between 2010-2014 there were 40 percent more crashes on JFK and Market Streets than there were on Walnut and Chestnut Streets in Center City.

Anyway, we’ve been working to figure out what everyday folks think about JFK and Market Streets, and how they’d like to see it reconfigured. So, last week, some Bicycle Coalition volunteers went out to JFK and Market to ask passers-by what they thought.

In total, our volunteers—Gretchen Alexander, Kyle Hearing, Kaeka Williams, Ricky Hunt, Nick Rogers, Devon Delvecchio and Bob Previdi—spoke to 140 people over two days, asking them a list of questions about safety on the Center City Streets.

Here are the main takeaways found in those surveys:

Bicycle Coalition


As you can see, a vast majority of 140 people we spoke to support measures that allow bicyclists a safe space on JFK and Market Streets—exactly what the aforementioned plan would do. Respondents also support giving pedestrians a special crossing phase and reducing vehicular speed.

We are holding a Memorial Walk with the Javsicas Family and Vision Zero Alliance on Thursday, June 29, at 5pm. It will begin at the Comcast Center, take a short route through Center City, and end at Dilworth Park at 6pm. Hope to see you there.

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