As summer visitors explore Philadelphia, whether on their own, or as a part of major events like the Democratic National Convention, our city’s network of trails is more accessible and exciting than ever before. Thanks to the continued expansion of The Circuit Trails and the launch of Indego Bike Share, it doesn’t take much time, money, or planning to start exploring Philadelphia’s riverfronts and attractions on two wheels.

For travelers staying in Center City, here’s how to take advantage:

How to Use Indego Bike Share

Indego bikes are bright blue, and can be found at terminals throughout the city. Need to find the closest station? Check the official map here.

Indego bikes are meant for short trips across town. You can purchase individual 30 minute rides for $4. However, anyone looking to make four or more trips on IndeGo should buy a monthly pass online for $15.

While locals receive special keys to use the system, the pass becomes active the moment it is purchased, and so visitors can use their purchasing credit card to take as many hour-long trips as they wish.

Another great option is available for travelers who purchase Visit Philly’s official Overnight Hotel Package. The package comes with passes worth eight free 30-minute rides on IndeGo bikes!

Where to Ride

Center City Philadelphia is hemmed in between two great rivers, the Delaware to the east, and the Schuylkill to the west.

Both river fronts are lined by dedicated bicycling and walking trails. In fact, the Schuykill River Trail was named the ‘Best Urban Trail in the Country’ in a vote of USA Today readers. Here’s how to see for yourself:

Schuylkill River Trail

Destinations: Schuylkill River Trail, Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk, Philadelphia Art Museum, Boathouse Row

Getting There From Spruce Street:
1. Ride your bike on any numbered street south to Spruce Street
2. Ride on the Spruce buffered bike lane to the “T” at 25th Street
3a. Take a right on 25th and ride to Locust Street and turn left to safely cross the railroad tracks to enter Schuylkill Banks OR
3b. At Spruce Street and 25th, get off your bike and walk through Schuylkill River Park past the dog park and over the Connector Bridge to enter Schuylkill Banks.

Getting There From Arch Street:
1. Ride your bike west on Arch Street
2. Right on 22nd Street
3. Left on Cherry Street
4. Cross 23rd Street
5. Pick up small path at the very end of Cherry Street
6. Left over the railroad tracks at Race Street

At either entrance of Schuylkill Banks, you can:
1. Turn left to go to the Boardwalk
2. Turn right to ride up toward the Art Museum and Boathouse Row

Delaware Waterfront Trail

Destinations: Washington Green, Korean War Memorial, Independence Seaport Museum

Getting to the Race Street Pier: 
1. Pick up a bike and ride south to Pine Street
2. Ride on the Pine Street buffered bike lane to its terminus: Front Street
3. Take a left on Front Street and ride to Spruce Street
4. Take a right on Spruce Street and ride to Delaware Avenue
5. Cross Delaware Avenue

From Delaware Avenue & Spruce to Independence Seaport Museum, Penn Plaza & Race Street Pier:
1. Go north on the Delaware Avenue side path (riverside sidewalk)

From Delaware Avenue & Spruce to Washington Green, Pier 68 and Central Delaware Waterfront Trail:
1. Go south on the Delaware Avenue side path
2. Look for signs at Washington Avenue to take a left

Map of Indego Stations and Destinations:

>> Printable PDF Directions <<

-Alex Schieferdecker

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