Schuylkill River Trail Crossing at Race Street Closed Indefinitely

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The Storm We Refer To As The April 30th Storm Because We Weren’t Expecting It did a number on the track crossing at Race Street. Yesterday the Philadelphia Streets Department announced that the gate will be closed indefinitely for repairs. Their announcement is below:

Race Street Railroad Gates Closure

Due to the severe flooding that occurred on April 30, the automatic  gates at the Race Street crossing were severely damaged. The gates will be closed until repairs can be made. The two pedestrian crossings are unique in the U.S. and require complex repairs. The gates cannot be left open as this would be unsafe to pedestrians and cyclists.

To access the Schuylkill River trail, citizens are urged to use the access ramp at Market Street, the stairway at John F. Kennedy Boulevard or the access point on Martin Luther King Drive across from the Art Museum.

Due to the severity of the damage, repairs to the gate may take several months to troubleshoot, order new equipment and schedule installation and testing. The Streets Department apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks citizens in advance for their patience and cooperation during the closure.

Their announcement does not mention that you can also get to the Schuylkill River Trail from where it currently begins at Schuylkill River Park/Locust Street a little farther south.

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  1. Sheldon

    Hi, thanks for the info.
    Is it also on an email list?

    Does anyone know why the City/Streets/whoever didn’t get gates that would not have those problems?
    ie, “severely damage-able” by flooding, unique, complex, “take several months to troubleshoot, order new equipment and schedule installation and testing.”.
    Would it relate to general incompetence, and/or to don’t care much about bikers/walkers/etc?

  2. Bill Marston

    I believe the Streets Dept memo was quite specific: “The two pedestrian crossings are unique in the U.S. and …”. Someone / something ALWAYS has to be first in order for there to be “another”, a “second”, and thence become the common, regular, stable, reliable, et al.

    Alas. But here we are.


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