2015 was a particularly bad year as far as Philadelphia cyclists’ injuries and deaths are concerned. Nine people on bicycles were killed in traffic violence, according to reports, which is the most in several years.

And as usual, to commemorate these cyclists who’ve lost their lives, the annual Ride of Silence will be held during Bike Month in 2016 – on May 18, from 6:45pm-8pm.

Among those who will be remembered: Gordon Vanderburg, 56, who was killed while riding through the intersection of B and Ontario Streets in West Kensington in October. The hit-and-run driver was chased down by a heroic witness who was able to take the keys from the motor vehicle driver.

Additionally, in June, Adelso Matos, 17, was struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver on the 600 block of Cayuga Street in Hunting Park.

Also last summer, Tyrone Tillman was killed while riding his bike on North 2nd Street in Hunting Park. The Bicycle Coalition met with Tillman’s family after the incident and we are currently working with city officials on ways to make that section of North 2nd Street safer.

The Ride of Silence is always an emotional ride, and riders will be give a police escort.

To sign up for this year’s ride, click here.

When you do, you will notice that we have a separate column on the sign-up page to help pay for the police escort. If you can donate $10 with your registration, that would really help us out (but is of course not required.)

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