The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently announced $33 million in Transportation Alternative Project grants for the state of Pennsylvania, which included several million dollars for projects in the Greater Philadelphia Region. We wrote all about the Circuit Trails and protected bike lanes being funded by that grant, but what’s also being funded through the grant program is Indego bike share.

And the city of Philadelphia got $984,692 – a very specific number, as it happens – to add 16 new stations to the Indego bike share system.

We don’t know where those stations are going to go yet, but we think there’s enough internal data for the city to understand which neighborhoods need new stations.

Also this month, the City of Seattle had to shut down its own bike share system due to, well, a lot of things.

In this week’s podcast, we discuss how one bike share system can soar while another fails, and what the terrain and laws in these two cities have to do with their bike share programs.

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