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This month is our Member Drive, and we’re celebrating by sharing the stories of a few of our 3,000+ members. The following story comes from our member Kimberley from Narberth, PA. Feel compelled to share your own story? Email our Membership Coordinator, Ashley.

Bicycle Coalition

As a cargo bicyclist with my two young daughters in tow, I’m committed to ditching the car and using a bicycle for all things local. I spend my days pedaling to meetings, school, the library, the grocery store and local parks. My Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia membership provides a strong foundation for my biking-for-transportation efforts, and provides me with invaluable resources to support my local bike advocacy efforts.

Inspired by the work and victories of the Bicycle Coalition, I founded Narberth Cycling Club in 2017 to encourage community members of all ages and abilities to bike local. In less than a year, our club has grown to over 275 members. It’s exciting to see so much enthusiasm for bicycling in our area, but selfishly I want more. I’m determined to improve our local bicycle culture to ensure that one day, my daughters will feel confident and safe riding a bicycle to school, a friend’s house, or The Cynwyd Heritage Trail, our local branch of The Circuit Trails.

But I can’t do it alone, and thankfully I don’t have to. As a member of the BCGP community, I’m able to draw upon their 40+ years of experience in bicycle advocacy to build support and momentum for suburban Philadelphia bicycle improvements. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of The Bicycle Coalition and their Biking the Suburbs campaign, Narberth Cycling Club now has the tools to actively work towards improving bicycle connections in the Lower Montgomery County region of Greater Philadelphia. A Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia membership is an essential tool in the bike tool kit of every bicyclist in the Greater Philadelphia region and I’m proud to call myself a member.

Bicycle Coalition

Want to join Kimberley in supporting our vision for safer streets and better bicycling? Join as a member–or renew your membership– today! All this month we are thanking our members with something extra: a special gift at the $45+ level, and entry to win a 17″ Fuji Nevada mountain bike at the $50+ level. This week’s special gift? Limited-edition Bicycle Coalition and Circuit Trails cycling socks from local custom apparel shop Vie13. Get ’em today.

Bicycle Coalition

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