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A 9-year-old girl was riding her bicycle on Monday night in North Philadelphia when she was struck by the driver of a Cadillac SRX Crossover. Police are still looking for the driver. We all need your help in finding the person responsible for this crime.

Here is a photo of what the vehicle may look like. Police believe the model is a 2010-2016 SRX.

Bicycle Coalition

According to police, the person in the vehicle hit the young cyclist on the 200 block of Lindley Street, then fled on Ashdale Street. She is in critical condition.

As noted by Roxborough Patch:

The vehicle has a broken grill with a missing top trim piece, hood damage, and possible windshield damage on the passenger’s side, police said.

Anyone with information about this crime or this suspect is urged to contact the Accident Investigation Division at (215) 685-3180 or (215) 686-3181.

Do not approach if they are spotted and instead call 911 immediately.

To submit a tip via telephone, call (215) 686-8477 or text a tip to 773847.

While the street where this young girl was hit is not along the city’s “High Injury Network,” it is surrounded by HIN streets, including Roosevelt Boulevard and 5th Street. One of the reasons why traffic calming tools are needed on streets like the Boulevard is that the culture of speeding on urban highways like the Boulevard often bleed out into surrounding areas.

Use this form to submit a tip anonymously. This young girl and her family need our help.

Update: There was a Philadelphia Police Department press conference this afternoon about this crash. The Bicycle Coalition was told that though the victim suffered many injuries, none were to her head, and, as of now, she is expected to be OK. Police believe the driver was speeding and that the victim was thrown “at least two car lengths.” Here is the PPD video of the incident:

Again, if you have any information, saw or heard anything, please contact the police immediately. Additionally, police have told us they’re confident, based on the video released thus far, and the situation as a whole, they expect the perpetrator to be found soon.

Update 2: Police have located the vehicle. The victim’s name is Fatima Hunter.

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