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This Week in Bicycling: Our Weekly News Roundup

Welcome to our new Friday roundup column. Today, and every Friday, we’ll be rounding up the most important local bicycle news we came across this week. Commuting by Car Down. The U.S. Census released a new report this week showing that, in the Greater Philadelphia region, commuting via car is down 2.7 percent. Throughout the […]

What We Know About the Papal Visit and Bikes

Like us, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about transportation issues during the Papal Visit in late September. From the two mile walks to SEPTA’s special regional rail ticket meltdown. But until very recently, there was no word as to how bicycles would fit into the transportation picture. Will Indego stations be added? Or will the service shut down? Will the Schuylkill […]

About Those I-676 Ride Indego Users…

Video surfaced on YouTube this weekend of two Ride Indego users taking a not-so-joy ride on Interstate 676 through Center City. The video immediately erupted in the Philly blogosphere and the video has so far received 9,000 views. Here it is:  

Capping it Off: Trolley Tracks at 11th and Reed To Be Removed

After years of cyclists getting dusted up or legitimately injured on unused trolley tracks around Philadelphia, the Bicycle Coalition’s Katie Monroe broke her jaw (in three places) at 11th and Reed Streets in December 2013, when her tire was caught in the tracks and she flipped over the handlebars. She, and many here at the Bicycle […]

Meet The Street Team: Chad Eason

[Ed. note: Over the next several weeks, we’re going to be introducing you to members of our Better Bike Share Partnership Street Team. This is the first of those profiles, which can also be found over at] A member of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s Better Bike Share Street Team, Chad Eason has […]

How Bike Share Makes a City Cleaner, According to Science

It didn’t take long for Philadelphia’s new bike share system, Indego, to hit epic proportions. According to recent data released by the city, Indego boasted more than 40,000 trips and 3,000 memberships in the first month. And that’s good for lots of reasons. For one, Philadelphians are choosing a sustainable, fun, traffic-calming solution for getting […]

JOBS: Want to Be a Bike Share Ambassador?

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is working as part of the Better Bike Share Partnership. Philadelphia launched bike share on April 23 and the Better Bike Share Partnership is working to address various barriers to membership and ensure representation for all Philadelphians. Bike Share Ambassadors work to build relationships with community members and groups near bike […]

Bicycle Coalition Launches

Bicycling is for everyone, and with the recent launch of Indego Bike Share in Philadelphia, bikes as a form of public transportation are available to more people than ever. That’s why the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is launching, a photography blog to showcase the diversity of Philadelphia’s growing bicycling community. The blog is located at […]

Indego Bike Share Roundup

We’re at Eakins Oval getting ready to @RideIndego! — Bike Coalition Phila (@bcgp) April 23, 2015 Philadelphia entered the 21st Century at 11:30am yesterday as the city unleashed its very own bike share program. Today, and from now on, you can use bikes as a new form of public transportation to get around Philadelphia whenever […]

Indego Bike Share Preview Tomorrow

Want to know what it’s like to ride one of the Indego bike share bikes? Sure you do! Well, now’s your chance. On Thursday, Indego employees will host a demonstration of Indego Bike Share in front of the Municipal Services Building at noon. Check out the official preview: Indego Preview Event This Thursday! Can’t wait […]

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