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bike nice

Everyone has a role to play in making our streets safer, and at the Bicycle Coalition we feel we have a unique opportunity to both inform all road users of the laws of the road—and to make sure we’re representing bicyclists in this effort.

That’s why we just rolled out the Coalition’s “Bike Nice” campaign. Through a series of images for the web, and a LED billboard campaign in Dilworth Park, Coalition staff will not just explain the laws of the road as they pertain to cyclists, but why they, specifically, follow those laws.


We understand that all cyclists—ourselves included—sometimes get the urge to slowly roll through a red light when it seems safe to do so. Additionally, the vast majority of vehicle deaths in Philadelphia are caused by motor vehicle drivers, not cyclists. But respecting the street means adhering to the rules everyone else is following, no matter what form of transportation you choose. And a comprehensive Vision Zero program in the city must be supplemented by an education program for all road users.

Among the first concepts we’re rolling out: Stopping at red lights, using hand signals, staying off the sidewalk, and riding with traffic.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue the effort with additional laws and campaign memes. If you’re interested in being part of Bike Nice, tweet at us: @bcgp.

In the meantime, check out BikeNicePHL.org for information on bike laws and to read why Bicycle Coalition staffers and members choose to bike nice.

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