Bike in Philly

Bicycle Coalition staff members Stephanie Fenniri and Randy LoBasso recently discussed our latest grant-funded infrastructure project, the Lil’ Philly Safety Village, a bicycle traffic park for teaching children and adults how to ride bicycles and learn about traffic safety.

The project, borne of Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Sarah Clark Stuart’s trip to Copenhagen, is set to be placed in Hunting Park in North Philadelphia. On Facebook Live on Monday, Stephanie and Randy discussed our hopes for the park and what work was done to bring the park, which is partially funded, to the city.

Watch the full 20-minute conversation below.

As noted, while Kaboom! and the William Penn Foundation have generously given large sums toward the project, it is not completely funded and we are still collecting private donations. If you’re interested in contributing to this piece of infrastructure, text ‘safetyvillage’ to 72678 to or go to

Meet the designers bringing the project to life
Bike in Philly

Meghan Talarowski, Founder and Executive Director of Studio Ludo

Meghan is the founder and executive director of Studio Ludo, a non-profit whose mission is building better play through research, design, and advocacy. She and her family are avid cyclists. Her husband even biked cross country, from Philly to San Francisco! They commute by bike to daycare and school, and have encouraged their kids to move from bike trailer, to tagalong, to biking solo. A big gap in that transition was a safe place to learn to ride, and understanding how to navigate urban streets.

She is excited to work with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to bring the first bike park to Philly families! Meghan and her team are working closely with BCGP to envision a safe and fun place to play and cycle. It is a great opportunity to grow a new generation of bicyclists, and support happy, healthy Philly families!
Bike in Philly

Krithika Mohan, Designer at Studio Ludo

Krithika is a designer at Studio Ludo with a background in landscape and urban urban design. She found joy in commuting by bike in the last few years and loves exploring cities biking solo. She is excited to partner with Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to support the bicyclist community in Philadelphia.

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