The Democratic National Convention in just a couple weeks, and in preparation, we’re assisting Open Ride PHL with their Broad Street Ride.

The RideDNC – Broad Street Ride will take place on Wednesday, July 27 at 6:30pm and go virtually the entirety of Broad Street, beginning at Broad Street and Cheltenham Avenue in North Philadelphia, and ending at the Wells Fargo Center.

In preparation for that, we’re helping organizers Alexanrdia Schneider and Maria Lily make their ride as inclusive and accessible as possible. That’s why we created a new map, showing all Indego bike share stations within a quarter mile of Broad Street. Alexandria said on the Bicycle Coalition podcast recently that although the ride will begin in North Philadelphia, she encourages anyone to join at any point along Broad Street.

Keep scrolling for our map of Broad Street’s Indego bike share stations.

If you’re interested in hearing our podcast about RideDNC, check it out below.

For more information on RideDNC, and to sign up for the ride, check out OpenRide PHL’s Facebook.

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