Bicyclists on the path at Bartram's Garden

Photo courtesy of Bartram’s Garden

Two of our partner organizations, Bartram’s Garden and HACE are finalists for the Philadelphia Foundation’s Key to Community Grant contest.

The Bicycle Coalition has worked in partnership with Bartram’s Garden to provide a bicycling program for Southwest Philadelphia during 2018-2019 season. We have worked with HACE on Vision Zero Listening Sessions, empowering participants to make their communities safer.

The general public has the final say in awarding first, second and third prizes to nine finalists across three categories. Three first place winners will receive $200,000 each; three second place winners will be awarded $100,000 each and three third-place winners will receive $33,000 each.

These two organizations are in separate categories.  Please give them your vote!

HACE has proposed creating The Good Lands Trust, a community-based property homeownership initiative

Bartram’s Garden has proposed Reclaiming Local History and Championing An Inclusive Future In Southwest Philly by strengthening paid opportunities for local leaders to influence local development.

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