OpenDataVote encourages citizens to get involved in the process of open government and cultivates government transparency through the release of data and they asking you to vote for the data that you want the City of Philadelphia to publish on OpenDataPhilly

Non- Profit organizations were invited to submit data ideas. The three organizations that win the most votes for their nominations from the public will receive cash prizes. Every person gets to vote once every 24 hours and the deadline for voting is May 1st at 5PM.

We have nominated two data sets which we would like to see published. Sidewalk Inventory and Pavement Condition. As of 10 AM 0n April 25th Pavement Condition is currently in 6th place with 36 votes while Sidewalk Inventory is 8th place with 23 votes.

The most cost effective way to paint new bike lanes and crosswalks is to do so when streets are rehabilitated. Traffic engineers rate pavement condition of roads using the pavement condition index. Implementation of the City’s Ped/Bike Master Plan has been slowed by the limited resources given to the Streets Department. Poor pavement also affects all other road users with potholes and poor faded paint markings. Being able to document pavement condition will help the Bicycle Coalition measure the need to achieve a state of good repair.

Sidewalk inventory will help expose the gaps in the citywide sidewalk network. Releasing this data will raise awareness for the need of high quality sidewalks and help prioritize projects to create a seamless and accessible sidewalk network. This data could also be expanded for a future dataset that actually rates the condition of sidewalks.

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