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Forty-six year-old Maria Jacovelli was struck and killed by the driver of a minivan on Sunday in South Philadelphia, making her at least the third pedestrian killed by a driver in Philadelphia in 2018.

In response to the tragedy, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia will be holding a short memorial at 23rd and Passyunk on Tuesday 3/13 at 2pm.

A memorial has already been set up at the site, and we will be putting up a Vision Zero sign in order to bring more awareness to pedestrian safety in Philadelphia.

Last year, nearly half of all the people killed in traffic crashes in Philadelphia were pedestrians, and those numbers represent what is quickly becoming a national trend.

In Jacovelli’s case, she was hit by an out-of-control driver who police now believe was suffering from a medical emergency. Witnesses told ABC News the driver looked as though he was going upwards of 70 miles per hour on city streets.

According to ABC News,

The driver went on to hit more vehicles, injuring more drivers and passengers. Then police say he killed a 46-year-old female pedestrian Maria Jacovelli near Passayunk Avenue, and went on to hit more vehicles.

Jacovelli was waiting for a ride after buying birthday party supplies for her 2-year-old grandson. Her 18-year-old daughter was standing next to her.

“Out of nowhere the car comes up. It was smoking and had already been hit,” said Melissa Flocco. ” I remember running. She pushed me and I fell, I was on my hands and knees and the car kept going.”

The Bicycle Coalition has made a commitment to bringing more awareness to pedestrian deaths and injuries throughout 2018. Pedestrians are our most vulnerable road users and it is unacceptable that a person should be killed for merely walking through their neighborhoods.

WHAT: Vision Zero Memorial

WHERE: 23rd and Passyunk Ave.

WHEN: March 13, 2:00pm

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