Bicycle Coalition

Photo: PhillyOTIS

I put out a video on Monday explaining that the West Chestnut Street protected bike lane’s striping has begun.

Since then, the Bicycle Coalition has gotten a lot of emails and messages about the lane, and people have been riding the lane.

I know it’s confusing, given construction is happening at night. But the lane is not complete. It won’t be done for a while, perhaps a couple more weeks? We really don’t know, we are not afforded access to work schedules.

Until then, we don’t recommend riding in it, especially since most of the lane doesn’t have bollards installed yet, and, therefore, motor vehicle users are likely unaware of the rules that will be enacted once the lane is done and laws are enforced.

That all said, we’re excited for this project to be completed, and for Philadelphians to have access to the city’s first one-way protected bike lane. We’ll provide updates as we get them. It took six years to get to this point. Just give it another couple weeks.

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