The University Bike Collective which launched last year is undertaking its first public campaign – to identify areas in need of more bike parking.

They announced the initiative February 14th on their Facebook page:

In an effort to make biking more convenient in University City, the University Bike Collective asks YOU, where do we need more bike racks? Follow the link below to submit your own requests and view requests by others on an interactive map. The data you share will help determine which locations have the highest demand and will help make a case to get more bike racks on the ground.

So check out their crowdsourcing map here to suggest a location or vote up other people’s requests.

Bicycle Coalition

Supplying bike parking is a no-brainer for any business, but especially one in University City. Just try to find a spot to lock your bike near the Local 44/Honest Tom’s Tacos/Lil Pop Shop corner during happy hour or a nice Saturday afternoon. Just try. Go ahead. We’ll wait.

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