Open Streets Was a Hit! The Pope was here last weekend. The streets were largely closed to cars. It was awesome.

After the Bicycle Coalition’s Katie Monroe wrote a story for pointing out the beauty of Philly’s closed (to cars) streets last Friday, the rest of Philly media jumped on it, and a new organizing effort has sprouted up to create Open Streets Philly events. Mayor Nutter and mayoral candidate Jim Kenney are all about it, too. Get ready for more of this.

Philadelphia was officially a “better version of itself” over the weekend.

Looking back. Here’s our look at how we can make #PopenStreets a thing.

Oh, and #PopenStreets event even made the national news. Check it out at Slate.

One person is not happy with Open Streets, though. Guess who.

And one city/region really missed out on having their Papal Street Fair. Guess which. (It was Camden, New Jersey.)

We gave Trader Joe’s some new awareness cones to keep cars from blocking the 20th Street bike lane.

The Alliance for Biking and Walking released data for the top cities for walking to work. Philadlephia, unfortunately, does not make the top 25 of all cities. Fortunately, we do make the top 10 of cities with a population over 500 thousand people.

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