This is a grim development for Philadelphia.  Almost as many bicyclists have been killed in the last 30 days as in all of 2022.

In all of 2022, four bicyclists were killed.   By the 27th day in January 2023, three bicyclists were killed on Philadelphia’s streets out of the six people who died in traffic crashes.  Two were hit by drivers who fled the scene, one of whom turned themselves in later that day.

  1. 1/13/23  Taing Sophy, age 66, Tasker & Columbus (active investigation, driver remained at scene) 6ABC
  2. 1/22/23  Edgardo Rosario Jimenez, age 31, N. Howard St (active investigation, hit and run driver at large) 6ABC
  3. 1/27/23  Danyel O. Tingle, age 41, Westford Road and Ashdale Street (hit and run driver turned himself in and was arrested) Inquirer, Inquirer  

These deaths should never have happened.  No driver should be able to speed on city streets.  No driver should feel enabled to flee the scene of a crash and leave someone to die.  That’s why Philadelphia need roads to be redesigned for lower speeds. That’s why Harrisburg needs to enact automated speed enforcement legislation and require police authorities to alert auto body shops when motor vehicles are involved in hit-and-runs to more easily find their owners.

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