There is no grand ribbon cutting yet, but the shared use path under I-95 between Lehigh and Aramingo Avenues is passable and nearly complete eliminating the need to travel on a high stress portion of Richmond St.

The south/west end of the path splits at Aramingo. Heading left takes you to Richmond St. Going right you will follow the new sidepath past Port Richmond Crossing towards York St. Finally you can cross the Aramingo slip ramp onto a spur trail that takes you to East Girard Ave. 

If there is a negative here, it is that the transitions off the path onto adjacent streets are somewhat awkward as each segment ends as sidewalk. There also is no easy connection to the Delaware River Trail just a few blocks from Aramingo. You can either use the bike lanes on high stress Delaware or negotiate the crumbling pavement on Beach St. Still, it does improve the bike route between New Kensington/Fishtown and South Philadelphia, partially closing a gap on the Delaware River Trail/East Coast Greenway.

Lighting, landscaping and signage still need to be completed which should make it more attractive to use after dark. The trail and other improvements under I-95 are being constructed by PennDOT as part of the 95 Revive project. 



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