Bicycle Coalition

A hearing had been scheduled at 1:30pm on Wednesday to discuss the lawsuit of Kyle Leach vs. Marriot International over the issue of the new hotel’s valet parking obstructing the bike lane.

But the hearing never took place – and that could be a good thing.

Because before the hearing could happen, Parking Operating Systems, the company which oversees the valet parking, came up with a deal with lawyer Stuart Leon, who is representing Leach, to install delineator posts in front of the hotel to better deter cars from pulling over in the bike lane.

Leon sued Marriott hotels on behalf of Leach for their inattentiveness and lack of enforcement of a bike lane and No Stopping Zone in front of their business.

Parking motor vehicles in bike lanes puts cyclists, motorists and pedestrians at risk and it is up to the Fairfield Marriott Hotel to make sure they are not aiding in this added risk.

A deal was reached before the hearing between Leon and the lawyers for Parking Operations to allow Parking Operations to pay for delineator posts to avoid the lawsuit.

Given 13th Street has a buffered bike lane, this shouldn’t be a problem, but the City will still have to approve of the process. The posts, according to the deal, would be removable so they can be plowed in the winter.

Today’s hearing was postponed for a month. If the flexposts aren’t installed by then, the hearing will take place.

If this works out, look for this to become a model for other problem areas throughout the city.

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