We’ve just learned that tomorrow morning, the Pennsylvania Senate is — again — going to consider an amendment that will make it much harder for bike lanes to be installed in Philadelphia.

This amendment threatens not only Philadelphia, but the entire Commonwealth by creating a two-tiered system of traffic safety: One for the state, and a compromised one for Philadelphia. Please tell your senator to vote NO on this amendment by clicking here.

As traffic fatalities and crashes have skyrocketed during the pandemic (rising by 37 percent between 2019 and 2020), we need safer streets more than ever.

As you know, bike lanes make streets safer for everyone by creating more order in the street, giving road users their own space and creating opportunities for pedestrians to have shorter crossing distances.  Bike lanes keep everyone out of hospitals!

Senate Bill 565, the parking protected bike lane bill that you have taken action on once or twice before, was written to allow for a new type of bike lane to be installed on Pennsylvania’s roads.

But Amendment AO6486, which will be introduced by State Sen. John Sabatina (D-Philadelphia) tomorrow, compromises that bill by creating a higher bar of local approval for all bike lanes — and only bike lanes in Philadelphia.

The amendment compromises Philadelphia’s and PennDOT’s efforts to make streets safe for all road users, but especially bicyclists.

The Senator’s consistent efforts to put more people in Philadelphia at risk is mind boggling. Just, like, Leave Philly Alone.

Please take a few minutes to send an email message to your State Senator asking him or her to say no to this harmful amendment.

For the sake of all Pennsylvanians who want to be safe on all roadways no matter how they travel, or where, take action now to ask your Senator to vote no on AO6486.

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