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by | October 23, 2017 | Biking in Philly, Featured, Vision Zero | 3 comments

Bicycle Coalition

The West Chestnut Street protected bike lane, between 45th and 34th Streets on Chestnut, has been open an in use for almost two months—and we want to know what you as users of the facility think about it. Has it made your bike ride better? Safer?

We are dedicated to continuing to advocate for the extension and completion of the Chestnut Street protected bike lane so that it and other traffic calming devices throughout the City make streets safer for all road users. Also so that Chestnut Street becomes part of a Hub and Spoke network of high quality bike lanes.  The information gathered in this survey will help us figure out what Philadelphians want from their streets, and if the West Chestnut Street protected bike lane is working for bicyclists as planned.

Click here to take the survey.

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  1. Kevin Earl Denny

    The lane is definitely much needed for providing an eastbound bike artery from my home at 47th and Walnut – however, the lane itself is very poorly maintained (/ built?). The surface is badly in need of repaving, and there is always a lot of glass in the lane around 42-43rd sts.

    Additionally, the start of the lane between 46th and 45th Street is very awkward for bikes coming from the south and west. It would be useful to think through this approach more.

  2. Sarah Deak

    Agreed that the lane itself is a wonderful innovation! I fee; much safer biking on the other side of parked cars. The lane itself is bumpy. Another issue is that the lanes switch to the other side of the street on 33rd. That switch can be a bit dangerous. I assume the lanes will eventually extend down the same side of the street, but for now would be helpful to have some type of warning for the cars.

  3. Nancy Stewart

    As a driver and a resident of West Philadelphia, I have some comments about the bike lane.
    1. It should extend all the way to the western end of Chestnut St. as the one on Walnut St does. Bicyclists come from further west than 45th St.
    2. The bike lane should be consistent in placement on the right or the left for the entire length. It is very dangerous for bicyclists and drivers for the lane to switch sides of the road at 33rd, 34th ?, Sts.
    3. The signage for the beginning of the bike lane needs to be improved so that there is a warning of its starting at 45th St sooner than where it is located. Also, as a driver, I haven’t noticed signage warning that the bike lane will switch sides of the road at the eastern end.
    4. Every afternoon around 4pm there is a mail/package delivery truck double parked outside the apartment building at the NE side on Chestnut St. just east of 38th St. This is a real traffic hazard for drivers. Either there should be no parking at this location with a delivery only sign or the delivery service needs to be done at a less busy time of the day.

    Although Chestnut St feels more crowded with the bike lane and the parking lanes the way they are situated, I think in the long run it will work out to be safer for everyone. It takes some getting used to. Some of the changes I suggest might help.


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