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The city has a plan for a Neighborhood Bikeway on 13th and 15th Streets in South Philadelphia, and we encourage you to take their pre-installation survey.

Located at this link, the survey specifically asks cyclists how they feel about various pieces of infrastructure for separate phases of the bikeway process.

Per the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems:

During the 13th and 15th Street Neighborhood Bikeway Project, the City will install bicycle priority street elements between South Philadelphia and Center City. The limits of the project are Market Street to Oregon Avenue on both 13th and 15th Streets. The treatment will include bicycle-priority signage, green-backed sharrows, bicycle wayfinding signage and painted edge lines.

The project will be implemented in two phases. The City will measure bicyclist comfort and effectiveness of the elements of the neighborhood bikeway facility. Phase 1 will include signage only; implementation is scheduled for Spring 2017. Phase 2 will include green backed sharrows and line striping of parking edge lines.

Your responses to this survey will help the City understand and measure bicyclist comfort on 13th and 15th Streets, as well as test the effectiveness of neighborhood bikeway elements. The City will again survey the public between Phase 1 – Phase 2 and after Phase 2.

So, if you haven’t yet, please take the survey. It’s important the city understands what kinds of infrastructure you feel safe riding with, and which you don’t. Feel free to provide oTIS with contact information for updates on the project.

And if you haven’t taken the city’s Vision Zero survey yet, there’s still time. Do so here.

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