With the summer coming to an end, Harrisburg is scheduled to be back in session at the end of September and we want to make sure our elected officials know the importance of passing legislation for Automated Speed Enforcement.

Since the cameras were turned on in 2020, Automated Enforcement has been very successful, as documented by the recent Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC) 2022 review of the Roosevelt Boulevard program. The TAC recommended expansion of automated enforcement across the whole Commonwealth.

The pilot is set to expire in December of 2023 and we need our legislators to prioritize passing necessary legislation that would make the program permanent and expand it to other roads in Philadelphia.

Will you help us by sending a letter to your State Senator and urging them to vote in support of legislation that would renew and expand Automated Speed Enforcement in Philadelphia? We are also going back to Harrisburg for a grassroots lobby day. If you are interested in joining us in Harrisburg on October 3rd, please RSVP today.

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