Bicycle Coalition

Bicycle Coalition staff member Greg Young calls his state representative, calling for a vote on HB 792

Cities and towns all over Pennsylvania need the flexibility to make their streets safe.  Designing parking protected bike lanes is cost efficient and effective!  HB792 amends Pennsylvania’s vehicle code to allow parking protected bike lanes.

It’s time to get the Parking Protected Plaza & Bike Lane Bill (HB792) over the finish line before the House breaks for summer 2019!

State Representatives will be voting on HB792 in the next two weeks and they need to hear from you!

Take a few minutes out of your day to call your State Representative by following these simple steps:

a) Look up your State Representative to find their Harrisburg phone number
b) call your State Representative
c) say these four things:

  • Hi! I’m a constituent of Representative ____.  I am calling to ask him/her to Please vote YES on HB792
  • Pennsylvania and its cities and towns need the flexibility to design safe bike lanes.
  • HB792 is a technical fix that allow Pennsylvania to make streets safe for everyone.
  • Thank you!
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