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We are still reeling from the sudden and tragic death of 17 Year old Sam Ozer, of Germantown. Oftentimes with the grief comes is a feeling of helplessness. But as you may remember from our post on Monday, you can make a difference by commenting on PENNDOT’s plan for changes on Henry Avenue to the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC). As we will explain, the process is easy and while you are there, please also comment on other critical bicycle and pedestrian projects.

From now until 5:00 pm on Monday June 29th, the DVRPC is accepting public comments for the 2021 Pennsylvania Transportation Improvement Program (PA TIP).

The TIP is the agreed upon list of specific priority infrastructure projects for the region. The TIP lists all projects for which federal funds are anticipated, along with non-federally funded projects that are regionally significant.

We are asking you to encourage DVRPC’s board members (who consist of elected officials from each county in our region) to push eight projects along at a faster clip. These projects are include safety projects and Circuit. Our comments are only suggestions, feel free to use your own words.

  1. Philadelphia – Henry Ave Corridor Safety Improvements Phase 1 MPMS #80104; Phase 2 MPMS #102134
    Suggested Comment  – This project as described on the PENNDOT Project site does not do enough to make Henry Avenue safe for all road users. The 1000 foot segment of the road between Barnes St and Hermit Lane has seen 5 traffic victims including 3 children in the last 5 years. More traffic calming measures that will force drivers to adhere to the posted speed limit of 35 mph are needed. This includes: reducing Henry Ave to one lane in each direction, working with the legislature on approving speed cameras for the entire length of the road, adding protected bike lanes along the entire corridor and pedestrian refuges at intersections. I also support elements already in the plan including the sidepath between Walnut Lane Ave and the bridge over Wissahickon Creek and a new traffic signal at Barnes St.
  2. Philadelphia – Castor Avenue Corridor Safety Improvements. MPMS #111194;
    Suggested Comment – Protected bike lanes should be added to the project from Comly St to Rhawn St.
  3. Philadelphia – Safe Spaces for Cyclists: Building a Protected Bicycle Network (TAP) MPMS #107198;
    Suggested Comment – The City should report on progress to date on the goals stated in the description of this grant that will implement its Vision Zero Action Plan by prioritizing and accelerating the implementation of the protected bicycle network.
  4. All – The Circuit Line Item #105291;
    Suggested Comment: The commitment for funds to build these projects dates back to 2015. The Counties should provide a status update of these projects. The Board should prioritize and accelerate these projects to help complete 500 miles of Circuit Trails by 2025
  5. Bucks – Aquetong Park Segment – Route 202 Cross-County Trail MPMS #111471;
    Suggested Comment –I support this project to help complete 500 miles of Circuit Trails by 2025
  6. Chester – Schuylkill River Trail Chester County MPMS #59434;
    Suggested Comment – Chester County has communicated that this project will start construction in 2020. It should be moved out of Later Years and moved into the 2021-2025 TIP to help complete 500 miles of Circuit Trails by 2025
  7. Delaware Octoraro Trail Construction – Phase 1 MPMS #111486;
    Suggested Comment – I support this project to help complete 500 miles of Circuit Trails by 20255
  8. Montgomery – Powerline Trail Connection – Phase 1 (TAP) MPMS #107180;
    Suggested Comment –I support this project to help complete 500 miles of Circuit Trails by 2025

To submit comments click on the project links above and it will take you to project description that includes a box to submit comments. DVRPC will confirm the receipt of your comments via email. If you want to learn about other transportation projects in your area click here to access the entire draft TIP.  You can search for any projects in the TIP by keyword.

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