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Cooper River CX

Spectating a race is super fun. Cheering on people who have been training and get up early to push themselves to their limit, and chilling on the sidelines while they get exhausted, is a great way to spend a Sunday. Cyclocross races can be especially exciting to spectate, as they involve fun-to-watch challenges such as dismounting & remounting, hopping over barriers, and navigating off-cambor cornering. Plus, everyone on the race course appreciates the extra cheering and support—and cyclocross races are known to be prime dog-watching spots. 

Cooper River CX, which takes place on Sunday, September 29th, is a great introduction to race spectating. It’s accessible via bike from Philadelphia, and it’s on the Circuit. It’s a great event for the entire family, with prizes, a kids race, food trucks, and more. Because of its proximity to Philly, lots of locals jump into the race, including athletes from Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling (BCYC).

Speaking of BCYC, you can donate gear for the program onsite at the race. If you have a bike, parts or clothing that’s in reasonably good shape, please bring it to the race. There will be an area by registration where you can drop it off.

Looking to ride your bike to the race start? Follow our suggested route below. And if you’re ready for a challenge, you can register for Cooper River CX here.

Ashley Vogel


After graduating from Swarthmore College, Ashley moved to Philadelphia to work in nonprofit development and communications as a Philly Fellow. She was introduced to the Bicycle Coalition’s work in her first week of the fellowship through an Urban Riding Basics class. She did not take up bicycling in the city until getting involved with the Women Bike PHL community, which catalyzed her to shed her fear of riding in traffic and get on a bike. Ashley’s bike has served as a powerful tool, and she is excited to share the healing and empowering nature of bicycling with others. You can find Ashley riding her blue Breezer to the Headhouse farmer’s market, or her Fuji Sportif when she’s road racing as an alum of the Women Bike PHL Racing Development program.

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