By Yafa Dias

On Wednesday, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia hosted Jennifer Barr, SEPTA’s Senior Long Range Planner, to discuss the transit agency’s cycle-transit plan at our monthly Supporter Social. SEPTA launched its Cycle Transit Program in 2015 in order to create better bike parking at Regional Rail, the Market Frankford Line, and Broad Street line Stations. It involved creating 589 bike racks and two bike shelters for cyclists throughout the city and suburban stations. Here are some highlights from SEPTA’s presentation at the Bicycle Coalition Supporter Social. 

Since 2000, SEPTA acknowledges in its report, cycling has increased by 300 percent (Annual Community Survey, US Census Bureau.) As cyclist numbers grow, SEPTA has decided to meet the demands of cyclist who commute and improve parking spaces they need.

Bicycle Coalition

From July- 2016 June 2017, SEPTA created 162 U-Racks & Hoops, 1 double stacked rack, 5 bike shelters, which adds up to 328 new bike parking spaces just for this year. Some of the parking spaces are located at the mezzanine- underground and outside of the station where protected bike racks have a shelter.

For 2018, SEPTA plans on creating 173 U-Racks & Hoops, one double Stacked Rack, and ten Bike Shelters, which adds up to 350 new parking spaces. On the Broad Street Line 5 U-Racks/ Hoops will be installed at the mezzanine level and 5 U-Racks/ Hoops installed inside the station headhouse.


Bicycle CoalitionAs for the Regional Rail Line, there are bike shelters already in place at Fox Chase, Media-Elwyn, and Glenside. Manayunk, Paoli-Thorndale and Trenton intend to add bike shelters in 2018.

SEPTA plans to continue its Cycle Transit Program by increasing its bike parking by 50 percent.

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The Bicycle Coalition hosts free Supporter Socials the first Wednesday of every month in our offices. Refreshments and snacks — including beer and wine — is provided.

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