A representative at SEPTA announced this weekend they’d begin taking new, improved action steps to make the South Broad concourse more bicycle-friendly and, therefore, much more awesome.

At the Philly Bike Expo’s “Better Bike Share: Inclusivity and Accessibility in Philadelphia’s Bike Share Program” seminar on Saturday, SEPTA Strategy and Sustainability Planner Becky Collins announced numerous changes she and the rest of the Sustainability office at SEPTA are working to bring to the city’s transit system.

Among them: a bike cage for more secure, underground parking in the South Broad concourse. This will work in conjunction with a new retail space the Authority hopes will rejuvenate the Center City station.


Image: Boston Biker

According to Collins, the new bicycle parking space will be enclosed by a cage where cyclists can lock their bike with their own lock. It will be accessible via their SEPTA Key card, coming in 2015, or through a monthly pass cyclists could buy independently of a SEPTA pass. It won’t be unlike bike cages found at MBTA stations in Boston, as seen above.

“I know in Boston you have Pedal and Park facilities, it would look like that,” said Collins. “This will be the first phase to invigorate the South Broad concourse.”

In addition to the underground bike cage, Collins said the space would include information on biking and riding SEPTA, as well as Philly Bike Share.

SEPTA also hopes to fill one of the retail spaces with a bike mechanic who could do repairs during the week, she said, “for a very small fee.”

Boston’s Pedal and Park bike cages have been a success at MBTA stations in that city. The cages are secure and include security cameras, lighting and a police intercom system. In addition to being a convenient place to lock your bike, such a cage system could potentially cut down on bicycle thefts, of which there were 2,122 in 2013.

We’ll have more info on this as it comes in.

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