On a recent Newsworks Tonight segment, Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Sarah Clark Stuart talked about our website PhlTrafficVictims.org, and why we decided to compile all traffic fatalities in 2016.

PhlTrafficVictims.org is a Bicycle Coalition-run website which attempts to provide details of every victim of traffic violence in real time alongside a map of where those victims were killed. The site provides the information on as real a time format as we can, and provides whatever details are available to remember the victim of the crash.

Last year, total traffic fatalities dropped to a historic low, but pedestrian fatalities were at an all-time high. This is a big problem. Listen to Sarah Clark Stuart discuss what the Bicycle Coalition and members of the Vision Zero Alliance here in Philly are trying to do about it:

Want to get involved? Click here to sign our Vision Zero petition and tell Philadelphia you care about safer streets for all road users.

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