Bicycle Coalition

A faded bike lane on Washington Avenue. (Photo: PlanPhilly)

According to the City of Philadelphia’s 2016-2017 Philadelphia Resident Survey Report, street conditions rank as one of the top concerning issues for residents of the city.

Streets repairs and cleaning were of the utmost concern to city residents, with 49 percent saying street repairs were poor in the city, and 56 percent saying lack of street cleaning was a problem.

Bicyclists and pedestrians know the lack of street repair all too well. Our faded bike lane map, available here, shows those bike lanes throughout Philadelphia that have been faded by wear and time.

Most glaring for cyclists have been the bike lanes along Spruce and Pine Streets in Center City, which, not too long ago, were the city’s premier bike lanes. But those lanes have been parked in and run over by motor vehicles so often that they’ve been faded down to nothing along certain streets.

The survey polled 7,232 residents. Most respondents, according to the survey, were from South Philadelphia, or Center City.

Check out the full report here.

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