Bicycle Coalition

In November, PennDOT invited BCGP as well as governmental partners along the I-76 corridor to attend an info session on its Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) plan for the I-76 corridor between the PA Turnpike and Route 1. Interventions planned include:

  • Ramp metering (controlling onflow of new traffic at rush hour)
  • Opening shoulders to traffic during rush hour
  • Dynamic speed limit signage to slow cars ahead of a congested area, which can reduce rear-end collisions
  • PennDOT taking control of traffic lights on arterial roads that feed to I-76 to better manage throughput
  • Improvements to the Schuylkill River Trail
Bicycle Coalition

PennDOT’s Lou Belmont, Mike Holva (project lead) and Manny Anastasiadis address the crowd

That last bullet was why we were invited to the meeting. Trail improvements are as of yet undefined, as this was a very preliminary meeting. We raised concerns about impacts on the bike lanes on Henry Ave (which is one of the arterials where PennDOT proposes to take over traffic lights). We have been invited to participate in future meetings where more details will be hammered out, and will keep you informed as this project moves forward.

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