PENNDOT Announces Major Policy Change For Bike Lanes

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Governor Wolf issued a press release on Monday addressing PENNDOT’s onerous Bicycle Occupancy Permit (BOP) and announced a pilot project to help PENNDOT standardize their bike lane policies.

“PennDOT will be issuing a policy change removing the Bicycle Occupancy Permit from its design manual,” the press release reads. “Moving forward, local governments will need only provide a letter of request for the proposed bicycle lane that includes the necessary information for PennDOT to appropriately evaluate the request. After a review, a letter of approval will be issued by the department. This will replace the previous requirement for a formal agreement between PennDOT and the municipality.”

The BOP requires local municipalities to sign a maintenance agreement for bike lanes on state roads.

Under the BOP, municipalities are responsible to maintain signs, sweep bike lanes, refresh paint and remove snow from the bike lane — even though PENNDOT is responsible for plowing the state roads anyway. Class 1 and 2 Cities (Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) are exempt from the BOP.

With a few notable exceptions, townships and cities balked at the maintenance agreement and thus bike lane networks are non-existent outside of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and State College (where some bike lanes were put in before the BOP requirement was strictly enforced).

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  1. Russell Consentino

    We will love to have bike Lanes on rt 11 in Columbia County! Especially from Danville to Berwick PA!

  2. David

    Municipalities can put in bike lanes and not be required to maintain them?


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